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Mario's Vision.

Mario Giulietti, CEO & Co-Founder of GNC, has always been fascinated and active in the world of design, technological innovation, and electronics. His passion for aquariums, combined with his creativity, led to the creation of the first designer aquarium lamp. From there, GNC’s ongoing research and development have resulted in a top-of-the-line product, pushing forward to the ambitious Generation…X!

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Our Team.

Continuously innovating since 2009 and a benchmark for aquarium enthusiasts, GNC represents the must-have in the world of aquaristics. Design, technology, and excellent results will transform your tank into a true work of art.


The Passion that Lights Our Way...

The spark of our passion was born in a room as we were captivated by the sight of aquariums. The fish, corals, and aquatic plants were a varied symphony of shapes and colors, each with its own story to tell. Combining them was like weaving the threads of a harmonious painting in its colors and shapes. Our deep love for electronics infused us with the passion to turn that vision into reality, bringing the excellence of lighting into the fascinating world of aquariums.

...and the desire to amaze.

Because GNC is not just an acronym for Genius Born to Create but a company with the ambition to offer the best possible for all aquarium enthusiasts, combining sensitivity towards the animal world, the pursuit of design, and innovation.

Our customer’s satisfaction stem/is generated from an important internal sensitivity to listen and address all of their feedback, GNC LED lighting know-how is a continuous research with the  ultimate objective to surprise and marvel!

What Customers Say About Us

A reputable company, products of the highest quality, and staff who are always clear, efficient, kind, and available for both sales and technical support. Highly recommended!
GNC Satisfied Customer
Depois de anos de ensaios técnicos no aquário, decidi experimentar este maravilhoso produto no meu aquário marinho de 600lt. Devo dizer que, após apenas 3 semanas, os resultados foram fantásticos.
GNC Satisfied Customer
Ausgezeichnete Produkte und präziser und pünktlicher Service. Sehr hilfsbereit. Besonderen Dank für die schnelle, präzise und professionelle Hilfe
GNC Satisfied Customer
Continuous Innovation, ensuring QUALITY and passion

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