GNC Warranty

Thank you for choosing one of our products, built in compliance with the most stringent standards and according to technical criteria aimed at ensuring practical and safe use. The BluRay X led lamp is a high-tech product designed to meet functional, aesthetic, and energy-saving requirements. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy with solid and refined materials, the BluRay X is crafted to fully meet the needs of your aquarium.

Our products are guaranteed for 24 months, in accordance with current legislation. Any warranty work will be carried out exclusively at our manufacturing facilities. Transportation and return of the equipment are the responsibility of the Customer. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the unreliable functioning of the product, and therefore, does not extend the warranty in case of:

Installation, modifications, and repairs not performed by a GNC technician or personnel authorized by GNC.
Equipment used not in accordance with its intended use and the standards and instructions for use.

Warranty Extension in the United States: Recognizing the importance of providing our customers with additional support and assurance, we are pleased to extend our warranty service to two years in the United States, despite the general policy of one-year warranty in the country. This is in line with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, mirroring our warranty policy in Europe.